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A little corner…

20 Jul

on my vanity.

20140720-093650 p.m.-77810379.jpg


Sh!t just…

11 Jun

got REAL!

20140611-124356 p.m.-45836025.jpg

Weekend Findings!…

2 Jun

Saw these two beauties at El Hombre de la Mancha – Albrook Mall. Had to buy them! ๐Ÿ˜

20140602-104812 p.m.-82092475.jpg

20140602-104813 p.m.-82093327.jpg

What really happens…

27 May

when you have a business call via Skype in the comfort of you house.

20140527-065749 p.m.-68269794.jpg

I miss writing

12 Apr

Hey there! how are you guys… this is a quick rant post.

I really miss writing and I have sooooo many ideas and experiences that i want to share with you all. I hope soon Iยดll have enough time to write as frequently as I would like…

Now, tell me what have you all been doing?

Much Love,


P.S.: Happy Birthday Romi! I love you and miss you friend… hope you had a great birthday ๐Ÿ˜‰