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Scrub Away!

29 Mar

Hi guys! so i was wondering what do you use to scrub your face? I´ve tried several products but none have worked for me except: Sugar + Facial Cleanser.

This is cheap, easy to prepare and more effective than any brand product. I do this onces a week and my skin feels super smooth. I love it!

Tell me what you use, I want to know!

Much Love,



What I wore Friday…

28 Mar

♥ Black pencil skirt
♥ White Shirt
♥ Jessica Simpson Shoes (Laqua in Chili)
♥ Gold & Pearl earrings
♥ Black & White necklace

What I wore today…

23 Mar

♥ A dress I have no idea where it was purchased
♥ Jessica Simpson´s Shoes

Pen Pal Project

21 Mar

So I finally bought the postcards for the Pen Pal Project I´m starting (pls refer to this post if you don´t know what I´m writing about ;))… I hope I have the time to send them this week, if not I´ll do it this Saturday.

I´ll keep you posted Dear Reader!

Much Love,


What I wore today…

17 Mar

♥ Jonathan Z Dress
♥ Gen E. Ration shoes
♥ Coral Jewelry Set (necklace, earrings and ring)

P.S.: I blame my mom for the bad picture! hahah