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Penpal anyone?

26 Feb

Hello readers! this is a short random rant post! 😉

I want to try new things and commit to them… so i thought let’s start by having a penpal – I just subscribed to Postcrossing … I shall post again to talk about this once i send and receive a postcard.

Have good weekend y’all.

Much Love!



Friday Poll!!

25 Feb

Holaaa! Mighty Friday is here as well as the weekly poll.
Vote Vote Vote!!! 😉
I want to know!

I’m pleased…

24 Feb

…to announce that my puffiness has gone away and my mustacho is surely but slowly doing the same.

I found the culprit, that obnoxious little thing responsible for the puffiness and I threw it away! It was an Estee Lauder eye cream I was using every night… the little f*cker was expired!

I am in debt with my Sister who pointed out that all eye creams lasts 6 months after they are first open.

This week is ending (thank god) and with it all the weird and traumatic experiences (it is traumatic to walk around with a mustacho!!)

So guys, do you have any suggestions for tomorrow’s poll? I’m interested in all you have to say.

Oh yes! I want to welcome my dear friends Romi from Pretty Healthy and Gina from garobochic to the blog community! Love you both!

Soon I’ll be posting a Product Review (Kat Von D’s True Romance Eyeshadow Palette – Beethoven)

Much Love,


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I just fell in love…

22 Feb

with this kitchen… I can see myself making baked goods in there!

I found it in Atlantis Home and she found it in Desire To Insipre (Romi the latter is for you)

Have i told you guys that I’m a Pastry and Baking Chef and a Cooking aficionado? well now you know! 😉

Much Love,


Friday’s Poll Results!!

22 Feb

Hello everyone!

I’m back with my still puffy eyes and my now brownish mustacho to give you the results from our weekly poll!

ta ta ta tan!

Most of you guys wear jeans+t-shirts!

Have you guys ever considered changing your wardrobe and explore other fashion styles? tell me I want to know!! I have and I plan on doing it!

Back to my minion chores!

Much Love,