Do it Yourself!: Eyebrow Grooming

2 Jun

Grooming your brows is super easy and simple; you can do this at the comfort of your home, just make sure you are in a place with good lighting before you start. You will need the following:

• Brush or pencil
• Brow brush
• Scissors
• Tweezers

Let´s determine the shape of your brow.

Take the brush or pencil and line it with the side of your nose, hold it vertically so it meets your brow. This is where your brow should start.

Keep the brush next to your nose and move it at an angle, make sure the brush crosses the center of your eye (for this you need to look straight ahead). Where it touches the brow is the highest point of your arch.

Maintain the brush at the base of your nose and move it one more time at an angle, this time it should meet the outer edge of your eye. Right at the point where the brush touches the brow is the end of your brow.

Now that you have the shape you can start the grooming process.

First, brush the brow hairs straight up and trim any hairs that go above the brow line. Brush the hairs down and trim the ones that go under. Brush them back into place.

Here comes the slightly uncomfortable part… tweezing! Plug all the stray hairs above and under the line of your brows, always plug in the direction the hairs grow and follow the marks you made previously using the brush (start, arch and ending of your brow).

…and there you have it, your brows groomed!

I hope this was helpful to you guys… do it and keep me posted!




One Response to “Do it Yourself!: Eyebrow Grooming”

  1. Romina June 11, 2010 at 11:08 am #

    me gustan este tipo de posts…keep it up!

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